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With Wireless Setup, you can easily change your Wireless Network Name and configure your wireless security settings.

(For help with the wireless gateway, see Plug In and Power Up Your Wireless Network with a Wireless Gateway.)

Configure Your Wireless Settings Using WPA

  1. Under Setup, click Wireless Settings.
  2. Change the SSID to a non-personally identifiable name.
  3. Write the new SSID.
  4. The channel should be set to Auto.
  5. The mode should be set to g and b.
  6. Select WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK.
  7. Enter the Passphrase that you choose.
  8. Click Apply.
    • Note: If other wireless channels are present, select channel 1, 6 or 11 to optimize wireless performance. Select the channel that matches the wireless network with the weakest signal strength. Your passphrase must be 8 to 64 characters.

Follow These Instructions for Entering a WEP Passphrase and Creating a WEP Key

  1. Enter a WEP Passphrase in the WEP Passphrase text box.
  2. Click Encrypt. The WEP Key(s) will populate.
  3. Click Apply once you have already entered a Wireless Network Name, Transmit Channel and WEP Encryption Strength.

Wireless Network Name (Service Set Identifier - SSID):

The SSID is the name you establish for your wireless network. Enter a unique name for your wireless network that will distinguish it from other wireless networks. The Wireless Network Name is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 alphanumeric characters. In order for other wireless devices to connect to your wireless network, the Wireless Network Name needs to be the same on all wireless devices that connect to your gateway.

Transmit Channel:

The Transmit Channel field allows you to select the channel (frequency) for your wireless network. Select a channel between 1 and 11 from the drop-down box. All computers in the wireless network must use the same channel in order to connect to the gateway. The Transmit Channel can be left on the default channel of 01. However, if you encounter interference with other devices operating on the same frequency (e.g. cordless phones and microwave ovens) or experience poor signal strength, you may want to select a different channel.

WEP Encryption Strength:

WEP Encryption is the most common wireless security feature available. WEP allows your wireless data to be encrypted each time it’s sent to and from the gateway to your computer. The WEP Key generated on the gateway also allows your computers and the gateway to communicate with one another. When WEP is enabled on your gateway, you must create a WEP Passphrase, which must also be entered on each wireless computer in order to connect to your network.

Basic Levels of Security:

For basic security, select 64-bit WEP (Low) from the WEP Encryption Strength drop-down box. As a default, Comcast enables the current highest level of wireless security at the time of professional installation - the 128-bit WEP (High) Encryption. If your signal strength and link quality are poor, you may change the strength to 64-bit or disable it completely by choosing None. WEP Encryption is not necessary for gateway operation, but is recommended for enhanced network security.

WEP Passphrase:

The WEP Passphrase is used to automatically generate a WEP Key that will be used to secure the wireless network. A Passphrase is a personal password or phrase up to 31 alphanumeric characters (no spaces). Choose a unique Passphrase (password) and enter it in the WEP Passphrase field. This word or phrase will generate a 10- or 26-digit WEP Key, depending on the WEP Encryption Strength. The WEP Passphrase must be entered on each wireless computer to generate the exact same WEP key. This will allow wireless communication to the gateway. Make a note of the WEP Passphrase in the User Guide for your reference

WEP Key:

An alphanumeric 10- or 26-digit WEP Key will automatically populate when a WEP Passphrase is entered and encrypted. If 128-bit WEP Encryption Strength is chosen, a 26-character key will populate in Key 1. If 64-bit WEP Encryption Strength is chosen, a 10-character key will populate in Keys 1-4. Click Apply.

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