Support XFINITY Internet Set as your home page using Internet Explorer


Follow these easy steps to make your home page.

Using Internet Explorer 7.0:


  1. Click the Home drop-down arrow.
    Internet Explorer - How to Click the Home drop-down arrow

  2. Select Add or Change Home Page.
  3. Select the appropriate option for setting as your home page and click Yes.
    Internet Explorer - Add or Change Home Page window will ask if you want to use as your home page. click Add this webpage to your home page box, then click Yes.

Using Internet Explorer 6.0: 

  1. Click the "home" or "house" icon in your Internet Explorer toolbar.
    Internet Explorer - How to click the home icon in your toolbar.
  2. On the Internet Options page, make sure that is in the address bar and click Apply.
    Internet Explorer - Internet Options Window - type in the address bar to make it your home page and click Apply,

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