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Frequently asked questions about copyright alerts.

What if I believe I should not have received this Copyright Alert?

If you believe that you have not infringed any copyrights, before any mitigation measures are applied that could affect your browsing experience or require you to call and talk with a Comcast security representative, you may appeal the Alert through the independent dispute resolution process. Application to this process is through the My Account Copyright Alerts History page (see below). An independent reviewer from the American Arbitration Association will review the matter and issue a decision. Procedures and more information for this can be found at

This appeal process is available at Alert 5 or 6. An independent reviewer trained in copyright law conducts this process.

To start the process, go to My Account under the Users & Preferences tab and click on Security Notifications.
Copyright Alerts are highlighted on the Users and Preferences screen

Click on the Appeal button and follow the instructions. Please Note: You have 14 days from the "as of" date to file an appeal or the mitigation alert will be applied.
The Appeal button is highlighted on the Copyright Alerts screen 

To check on the status of your appeal, click on the Check Now button.
The Check Now button is highlighted

To view the results of your appeal, click on the View button.
The View button is highlighted

If you believe your account may have been misidentified or you otherwise should not have received the alert, please contact our Customer Security Assurance department at 877-842-2112.

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