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On, you can sign in to My Account to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Set up Ecobill and automatic payments
  • Find out when your tech will arrive
  • View and manage your WiFi network name and password
  • View TV, Internet, Voice, and Home devices
  • Program your remote control for your TV or audio device
  • Check for outages
  • Find your nearest Customer Service Center
  • Troubleshoot technical issues - You can even request a call back or chat with an expert on Twitter!

There are a few ways to access My Account. Check out the details below.

Sign In On Your Computer

Sign in to My Account online with an XFINITY username (or an email address associated with your account) and password. Once you enter your XFINITY login credentials, you'll be securely connected to all your account information. You can tell your connection is secure by looking at the URL; it should begin with "https."
My Account sign in page.

Sign In On Your Mobile Device

You can access My Account on your phone or tablet with the XFINITY My Account app for Apple or Android devices. To download the app, just click the link below for your device:

Mobile example of My Account app home page.

Sign In On Your TV

You can log in to My Account on your set-top box too.

  • For non-X1 set-top boxes, press Help on your remote control.
  • For X1 set-top boxes, press xfinity on your remote control and select Settings, then My Account. For help on X1, press the A button on your remote control.

Note: Some My Account features may not be available on all devices.
Example of set-top box My Account home page.

Get Help With Signing In

Don't have an XFINITY username?
Register for one.

Can't remember your XFINITY username?
Look it up.

Forgot your password?
Reset it.

Other members of your household need access to your Comcast account?
You can add up to six additional users. For more information, please see Add Usernames to Your Account.

Remember me
If you check Remember me when you sign in, you won't need to sign in every time you want to access certain parts of My Account. The site will remember you even if you restart your web browser or computer.

You will still need to sign in to access parts of My Account that contain personally identifiable information. Also, if you use a different Internet connection, web browser, or operating system, you will need to sign in to My Account again. And most importantly, for your security, you should not check Remember me when using public computers, such as at a library or kiosk.

Get Help Using My Account

To find more about all that you can do in My Account, see our Self-Service page.

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