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A "bot" is a malicious form of software that uses your computer without your knowledge to send spam, host a phishing site, or steal your identity by monitoring your keystrokes.

Common signs

A number of signs can tell you if your computer may be infected with a bot, including:

  • Undelivered email notifications in your inbox to unknown email addresses. Bots will frequently use email accounts to send out spam. Spam to unknown email addresses will result in a "failure to deliver" notification in your inbox.
  • Suspicious email account activity. Bots create multiple email addresses in your email account. If you notice additional email addresses in your account that you didn't create, you may have an infected computer.
  • Multiple toolbars on your Internet web browser. Bots will frequently install various toolbars to help collect search information from your web browser.
  • Unusual error messages. Error messages that suggest applications cannot run or drives cannot be accessed can be indications of a bot infection.

How we identify infected computers

Comcast identifies infected computers in several ways. First, we gather data from reputable Internet research groups that specialize in bot identification. This data includes a list of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are either infected or belong to bot command and control channels. Second, we look for malicious behavior such as spam, denial of service attacks and repeated connections requests to known command and control channels. We then aggregate this data to confirm whether one or more of your computers has been infected.

Our technique does not detect bots based on the online activities, protocols or applications you use.

No anti-virus software detects 100% of viruses, so you may still receive the Constant Guard Service Notice even if you've run your own scan. The problem could be also caused by other parties (e.g. friends or family members) who've connected their computers or IP-enabled devices to your network in the past. Have them scan their computers or other IP-enabled devices for possible infections.

Additionally, if you have a wireless access point that is not password-protected, other people with infected computers may have connected to your network. Password-protect your wireless access point to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

For more information or help with removing a bot, please visit Constant Guard Bot Detection and Removal and Constant Guard Threats and Prevention.

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