Support XFINITY Internet Setting Up Spam Filters and Blocking Emails


Keep unwanted emails out of your Comcast email account with spam blockers and email filters.

Make Sure Your Inbox Is Safe

Now that you’ve set up your Comcast email, you don’t want your inbox to become bogged down by spam and other unwanted emails. Luckily, XFINITY Connect allows you to turn on Comcast spam filters and create other email filters that will keep your inbox clean. Here’s how to make sure your inbox stays organized and safe.

Spam Filters

XFINITY Connect email allows you to set one of three different levels of spam blockers with a Comcast email spam filter.

Spam Filtering deletes emails designated as spam without delivering them to your inbox or Spam folder.

Spam Filtering with Save a copy of emails marked as spam places emails designated as spam in a separate Spam folder. You can check and see if any legitimate email was designated as spam by accident and use the toolbar to mark it Not Spam.

Turning Spam Filtering off delivers all emails directly into your inbox, even those designated as spam.

Follow the simple steps below to change your Comcast spam filter settings.

Change Spam Filter preference

  1. Sign into XFINITY Connect and click on the Preferences tab at the top.
    XFINITY Connect - Inbox Preview calling out Preferences link
  2. Select Email from the left pane.
    XFINITY Connect - Preferences screen calling out Email
  3. Under Email Preferences, click Spam Filtering.
    XFINITY Connect - Email Preferences screen
  4. You’ll be redirected to My Account.
  5. Once in My Account and in the Users & Preferences section, click on Email Settings.
    XFINITY My Account, Users & Preferences tab, Email Settings tab
  6. In the Email Settings tab, turn Spam Filtering on.
    Note: You can also choose to Save a copy of emails marked as spam.
    XFINITY My Account - Email Settings tab with Spam Filtering options selected

Emptying Spam and Trash Folders

To empty your Trash in XFINITY Connect, right click the Trash folder and select Empty Trash to erase all messages.
XFINITY Connect Email Folders view, with Empty Trash selected

To erase individual messages, click on the desired folder to go in and select individual messages to delete. After selecting the messages, click Delete on the email toolbar.
XFINITY Connect Email: selecting and deleting individual email messages

To empty your Spam folder, right click the Spam folder and select Empty Spam to erase all spam emails.
XFINITY Connect Email Folders view, with Empty Spam selected

Email Safe List

The Email Safe List, found under the Users & Preferences > Email Settings tab in My Account allows you to list only the email addresses from which you want to receive emails. Please note that if you use this feature, you will only receive messages from the addresses you specify. Messages from other addresses not included on the list will be rejected.

Set Up Email Filters

You can also set up multiple email filters with your Comcast email account. An email filter can help sort your messages into different folders. For instance, you could set up folders for all family or work emails.

There are two parts to a filter: the criteria, which determine if an email is affected by the filter, and the action, which dictates what to do with the email.

Create an email filter

  1. Sign into XFINITY Connect and click on the Preferences tab at the top.
  2. Select Email Filters, and then select Add Filter.
  3. Enter the Filter Name.
    XFINITY Connect - Email Preferences
  4. A single filter can have multiple criteria for how a message will be classified. Choose if you want affected messages to meet Any criteria or All criteria.
  5. Select the criteria using the drop-down menus. Options include criteria based on all or part of an email address, words in the subject line, or message length. Add or remove criteria by clicking the + or buttons.
  6. Select the action to be performed, such as sending emails to a specific folder or directly to Trash.
  7. Click OK to save your filter.
  8. Back at the Email Filters page, click Run Filter to filter your existing inbox. From here, you can also choose Delete Filter or Edit Filter.
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