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Go to to use XFINITY Connect

Create up to seven email accounts

  • Add an account by going to and clicking My Account. Then follow the prompts to create a secondary account.
  • Change your email address, or transfer your email and contacts from other accounts to, at

Master your email

  • View a menu of email options—including reply, forward, and delete—by right-clicking on an email.
  • Move emails from your inbox to a folder using drag-and-drop.
  • Preview a photo attachment by rolling the cursor over the attachment.
  • Type the first few keys on an email address and Auto Complete will finish for you (assuming the contact info is in your address book).
  • Enjoy spam-free email. Comcast customers receive automatic advanced anti-spam filtering and protection.
  • Bring email capabilities on the road by visiting

At you'll be able to:

Manage voicemail

  • Check voicemail.
  • Forward messages.
  • Review your call history.

Combine your contacts

  • Merge contacts from various accounts into a universal address book.
  • Send eCards from your address book.

Maintain your calendar

  • Track dates and events.
  • Receive appointment alerts.
  • Share your schedule with family and friends.
  • View and modify your home DVR schedule.

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