What is Plaxo?

Plaxo is a new service that keeps you connected to your family, friends and business associates. Instead of visiting different sites to find your contacts, exchange opinions, or share photos and videos, you can now go to one site to stay in touch with all the people in your circle. Plaxo's premium services are available at no additional charge to XFINITY subscribers.

Plaxo capabilities

  • Universal Address book
    Plaxo’s universal address book includes premium features and is available to XFINITY Internet subscribers at no additional charge (a $49.95 retail value). 
    • Synch with other email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, and more
    • Update your address book automatically
    • Synch between multiple computers
    • Access your contacts and calendar remotely
    • Send birthday reminders via email
    • Add customized signatures
    • Synch with your LinkedIn network
    • Use the De-Duper tool to remove duplicate contacts and calendar events
    • Enjoy automated backup and recovery tool for your address book
    • Store 1-10,000 contacts
    • Send unlimited eCards
  • Personalized news stream
    Stay connected with the people you care most about. 

Our privacy policy

Your data and content are protected at all times; Plaxo does not sell, rent, or divulge your email address or personal information to anyone. As for content, you keep control over what is shared and whom it is shared with.

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