Support XFINITY Internet Sync your calendar events with Outlook or Mac or Windows Mobile in XFINITY Connect


Use the Plaxo Toolbar to sync your calendar with other software.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook or iCal (part of Mac OSX 10.4 and higher), you can sync your contacts and calendar events using the Plaxo Toolbar.

You can also access the Plaxo Toolbar from XFINITY Connect:

  1. Log into XFINITY Connect.
  2. Click on the Calendar tab.
  3. Click Sync your Calendar.
  4. Select the client applicable to you. (You can sync both your address book and calendar with Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mac and Windows Mobile. We currently don’t provide support to sync your calendar with Windows Calendar in Vista or third-party calendar services like Google or Yahoo!)
You can choose to sync the appointments in your Outlook calendar with your XFINITY Connect Calendar. You can also sync to Outlook any calendar you have created in XFINITY Connect, including calendars family or friends have shared with you.

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