Support XFINITY Internet Transfer Your XFINITY Services to a New Location When You Move


Moving can be stressful, but setting up your XFINITY services in your new home doesn't have to be. We're here to help make your service transfer as smooth as possible.

Plan ahead to find out what to do with your XFINITY equipment and to learn what may change when you move to a new address.

Your Comcast Equipment

While you may wish to upgrade your equipment when you move, you also may be able to bring your current equipment to your new home. Ask a Comcast representative if your equipment is compatible at your next address. Returning equipment helps us retire older models and keep current equipment in top working order.

If you are not able to keep your equipment when you move to your new address, see How to Return Comcast Equipment for several options to return your equipment.

Need help with moving?

If you haven't moved yet, make sure to get in touch with a Comcast representative so that we can seamlessly move all your Comcast services to your new home. Get started with XFINITY Movers Edge.

Some things to know about your services when you move

Period of time without service
Continuity of costs
Your home phone number and voicemails
Your Comcast email address
Channel lineup and paid packages

Period of time without service
Please let us know in advance of your move or service transfer so we can help make it as seamless as possible. We will make every effort to eliminate any time without service.

Continuity of costs
Due to differences in franchise fees and taxes that are set by local and state governments, the cost of services can vary by market. And, unfortunately, when transferring services to a new location, we cannot transfer any promotional prices.

However, new products, services, and money-saving promotions may be available at your new address. Get started by entering your address on our Movers Edge page.

Your home phone number, voicemails and call logs
If you're moving within the same area code, you will likely be able to keep your current home phone number. If so, your saved voicemail messages will still be available and you'll still be able to view your electronic call logs.

If you're moving to a location with a different area code, you will not be able to keep your home phone number.

XFINITY Voice service is not available in all areas. Check the availability of XFINITY Voice service at your new address.

Your Comcast email address
If you transfer your service, you can keep your Comcast email address. Your usernames will be moved to your new account.

Channel lineup and paid packages
Your channel lineup may be different at your new address. Each of our markets is required to broadcast "must-carry" channels, like public access and commercial channels.  Also, channel capacity and contracts with programming services can vary by market. We try to keep content consistent across our service areas, however, that isn't always possible.

National HD channels are likely to be the same at your new address, but local HD channels may differ.

View the channel lineup for your new address.

When you request a service transfer, check with a Comcast representative to ensure that all of your paid sports packages are transferred over.

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