Support XFINITY Internet Windows Vista Mail Setup


Windows Mail replaces Outlook Express on computers that are running the Windows Vista operating system.

Windows Mail information

Windows Mail supports three types of accounts:

  • Mail
  • News (newsgroups)
  • Directory services
Directory services are online address books typically offered by organizations such as colleges and businesses.

To verify your email settings in Windows Mail:

  1. Click the Start button in the left-hand corner of your taskbar.

  2. Click All Programs.

  3. Click Windows Mail.

  4. Click the Tools Menu and select Accounts.

  5. Click the email account that needs to be verified and select Properties.
    Internet Account window displays with active accounts and prompts to click the desired email account to be verified then Properties.

  6. Click the Servers tab.
    Properties window displays. Click the Servers tab.

  7. Verify the server information as the following:
    • Incoming mail (POP3):
    • Outgoing mail (SMTP):

    Check My server requires authentication.
    Properties box displays Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server. Check my server requires authentication option.

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