Support XFINITY Internet How do I verify the Copyright Alert is from Comcast?


Frequently asked questions about Copyright Alerts.

How do I verify the Copyright Alert is from Comcast?

All Copyright Alerts are accompanied by an email sent to the primary XFINITY username on the account.

The message states:



As part of the Copyright Alerts System operated by the Center for Copyright Information, a copyright owner has sent Comcast a notice claiming your Internet service from Comcast was used to copy or share a movie, television program or song improperly. We have sent an e-mail with more information about this notice to the e-mail address of the primary account holder in your household.

Click the button below to confirm you received this Copyright Alert and to close it. Please review the frequently asked questions about the Copyright Alerts System at to learn more about it."
A copyright alert message is displayed. There is a "Click to Close" button near the bottom of the screen.

When the email is viewed in XFINITY Connect, look for the XFINITY icon in front of the email in the inbox view.
The XFINITY icon is a red square.

This indicates the message has been verified as an authentic Comcast email.

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