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Want to add secondary accounts or get third party emails with your Comcast email? We’ll show you how.

Many people have more than one email account, or more than one user in a household. With Comcast email, it’s easy to add a secondary Comcast account or get messages from a third party email account (like Gmail, Yahoo Plus, or AOL) sent to your Comcast email. That way, you can see all your emails in one place. If you’re looking to connect multiple email accounts or add a secondary Comcast account, the XFINITY Connect Email Setup Wizard makes it easy. We’ll show you how.


  1. Click the Add Account link in the Inbox Preview or the Setup link in the Welcome module.
    Welcome module displays with prompt to Add Account.

  2. Click the Get Started Now button.
  3. Choose the email account (secondary Comcast account or third party) you would like to set up and select Next.
    Note: If you select Other you will be required to enter the third party server settings.
  4. Enter a New Account Name, Email Address and Password in the corresponding fields. The New Account Name is the name that will identify your account within your inbox. You can always change it through the mailbox manager at a later time.
    XFINITY Connect Email Setup page.
  5. Once the account is added you will receive a confirmation. You can then add another account or close the module by clicking Finish.
    Confirmation page for added account displays.

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