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The email toolbar puts you in control of your messages.

Move your cursor to the email toolbar to take advantage of any of the following options:

Compose a New Email

When selecting this option, you’re given four options from the drop-down menu.

Get Email

Clicking this option will manually update your mailbox with new messages. XFINITY Connect also updates your mailbox automatically based on settings in the Preferences tab.

Reply to or Forward Email

Reply to a message
Reply to all
Forward a message

Delete a Message

Clicking this option will move selected message(s) to the Trash folder.

Move an Email

Clicking this option will move selected message(s) to a different folder.

Mark as Spam

By marking a message as Spam, you modify your junk filter to treat all future messages from this particular sender as Spam. Spam settings may also be set in the Preferences tab.

Print an Email

Clicking this option is the quickest way to print one or many emails.

Change the View

You can view your emails:


Clicking this option lets you mark an email as read or unread, view source of an email, launch an email in a separate window or edit as a new email.

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