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Enjoy the convenience of Three-Way Calling with XFINITY Voice service.* Get two other people on the line for convenient conferences. You can share good news or plan an outing with more than one friend or family member at a time.

*Note: The Three-Way Calling feature is not included in the XFINITY Voice Unlimited Saver plan.

Here's How to Set Up a Three-Way Call

  1. Call the first party.
  2. Press and release the switch hook or Flash button on your phone. This will put the first party on hold.
    • If you do not have a Flash button on your telephone, quickly press and release the switch hook instead. The switch hook is the switch that is used to hang up the telephone at the end of the call.
  3. Listen for a second dial tone.
  4. Call the second party to add them to the conference call.
  5. After the second party answers, you can talk privately before reconnecting to the first party.
  6. Press and release the switch hook or Flash button to bring the first party back into the call.
    • If the second party's line is busy or there is no answer, disconnect the second party by pressing and releasing the switch hook or Flash button twice. The first party will still be on the line. Or, just hang up the call. The telephone will ring as a reminder that the first party is waiting on hold. Answering that call will be reconnect you with the first party.

Three-Way Calling Guidelines

  • If a third call comes in while you are already speaking with two other parties, the third party will be directly diverted to voicemail. If you don't have voicemail, the third party will hear a busy signal.
  • If one of the two parties hangs up, you will still be able to speak with the other party.
  • If you established the three-way call, all parties will be disconnected when you hang up.

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