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XFINITY Voice customers who are also XFINITY Internet subscribers can elect to receive transcripts of their voicemail via email using our Readable Voicemail feature. The Readable Voicemail feature converts your voicemail to text using automated speech recognition. This feature is particularly helpful for those customers who may be deaf or hard of hearing.


  • The voicemail transcript will be emailed to you along with the voicemail attachment. Typical voicemails are transcribed and sent to you in under a minute. For very long messages or in areas with poor network coverage, it may take a bit longer. The maximum length of a readable voicemail transcription is three minutes.
  • Sometimes you may receive a voicemail where the caller hangs up without leaving a message. In other cases, callers inadvertently try to reach you (a.k.a. "pocket dialing") and all you hear in the voicemail is faint background noise. In these instances, we will send you the notification, but will not provide a transcript.
  • Deleting the email transcript does not delete the voicemail on the server. In fact, you may want to log in to voicemail once in a while to clean up your voicemail box.
  • This feature is configured through XFINITY Connect on the web, and accessible through email, both on the web and within the XFINITY Connect app,

Enable/Disable Readable Voicemail in XFINITY Connect

  1. Go to the XFINITY website and click Connect (email icon) at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your primary user name and password.
  3. Click the Preferences tab in the top navigation bar. Then, select Voice Preferences.
  4. Under the Readable Voicemail tab, you will have the option to:
    • Select an email address or addresses to be notified when a voicemail is received.
    • Enable transcripts of your voicemail for view in the Voice tab.
    • Receive a copy of the readable voicemail text in your email notification.
      The Voice Preferences screen appears.
  5. Selections will automatically be saved when you make them.
  6. To turn Readable Voicemail off, simply uncheck Enable transcriptions of my voicemail box at any time.

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