Support XFINITY Voice Activate Caller ID on TV Through On-Screen Guide


This article describes how to activate and deactivate Caller ID on TV through the On-Screen Guide.

Access Caller ID Menu

To access the Caller ID menu:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Navigate to ITV.
    • If ITV is not available, select Help & Settings and then scroll down to Caller ID.
  3. Select Caller ID or Notification.

Turn Caller ID on TV On/Off

To turn Caller ID on TV on/off:

  1. Navigate to Caller ID is.
  2. Select the desired option:
    • On (activates Caller ID on TV)
    • Off (deactivates Caller ID on TV)
  3. Press OK/Select on the remote.
  4. Press Exit on the remote.

  • Caller ID on TV is not currently available in all areas.
  • Changing Caller ID on TV settings will not impact and Caller ID to the PC settings.

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