Support XFINITY Voice Change Your Voicemail Greeting


There are several voicemail greeting options.

You can choose a standard greeting that we provide, personalized with either your telephone number or your recorded name. Or you can record a personal greeting, up to 2 minutes in duration.

How to Set Your Voicemail Greeting

  1. Go to the main menu (where you check your messages).
  2. Press 4 to go to the Personal Options menu.
  3. Press 3 to go to the Greetings menu.
  4. Press 1 for Personal Greetings. You then have the following options:
    • Press 1 to set the standard greeting with your home telephone number.
    • Press 2 to set up your standard greeting with your name.
    • Press 3 to record a new personal greeting.
    • Press * to return to the Main Menu.

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