Support XFINITY Voice Directory Listing Guidelines


As an XFINITY Voice subscriber, you can choose to publish or not publish your number in our Comcast Ecolisting online directory. Here’s everything you need to know about our directory listing guidelines.

Ecolisting Online Directory

Our Ecolisting online directory ( is the green way to list your number for the general public. You may allow publishers of other online and/or paper directories to include your listing information. If you want to keep your telephone number private, you can request "non-published status". This means your number will be made unavailable both in directories and directory assistance. Below are our basic directory listing rules:

  • You may keep your primary telephone number unpublished, while publishing your secondary telephone numbers, or vice versa.
  • Non-published fees are charged per telephone number.
  • You have the option to omit your address with a published listing. With this selection, your name, city, state and ZIP code will be published along with your telephone number, but your house number and street name will not be included.
  • You cannot use a business name for XFINITY Voice residential directory listings.
  • Only one last name may be used as the main listing name for any directory listings.
  • Using only initials in your directory listing is not allowed.
  • Multiple first names must share the same last name.
  • Multiple listings for a single line are not available.

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