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Before you begin setting up your XFINITY Voice features, make sure you know where certain keys are on your telephone and how to access demos and manuals.

Know before you get started

  • The * and # keys are required for many XFINITY Voice features. They are on either side of the 0 on your telephone's keypad. 
  • The switchhook or Flash button is also used in some XFINITY Voice features. 
    • On non-cordless telephones, the switchhook is the button that is depressed when you hang up the phone. When instructed to press the switchhook, press it firmly and then release. If you press it too long the call may be disconnected. 
    • On cordless telephones, the Flash button is on the keypad.
  • You will need to create a list, such as a priority list or a block list, for some features. These lists are independent of one another, but they will be stored. So whenever you activate a feature, you can refer to a list you have already created. 
  • Rotary telephones are not compatible with XFINITY Voice service. 

Get demos and manuals

If you are also an XFINITY TV customer, in the XFINITY On Demand menu choose Help and Services. Then choose Home Phone Service.

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