Support XFINITY Voice XFINITY Voice Modem (eMTA) Requirements


To use XFINITY Voice, you’ll need a compatible embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (eMTA).

How it Works

You can lease an eMTA from us, depending on your area, you may have the option to install the eMTA yourself or to have us install it for you.

An eMTA used with XFINITY Voice service can’t be moved to another address and used without our approval.

Note: We may revise the requirements at any time for XFINITY Voice service, including the compatible eMTA makes, models, versions, and styles. We do not guarantee the compatibility of XFINITY Voice with any other service, system or equipment, including customer-supplied eMTAs. If there is an incompatibility, remedies are limited to those described in the XFINITY Voice Subscriber Agreement.

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