Support XFINITY Voice Top Tips for Text Messaging


Learn about some of the top tips for using Text Messaging via the XFINITY Connect app.

Accessing the Text Messaging Feature

The text feature appears within the Inbox as a separate tab. You can see the messages in the unified inbox or alone under the Text tab.

Composing and Sending Text Messages

Apple Devices

  • Tap the Compose icon at the bottom of the conversation screen.
  • Enter the number or numbers you would like to send the text message to.
  • You can also tap the + button that will pull up the address book and select a contract or contracts from your existing address book in place of entering numbers manually.
  • Enter the message and tap Send.

Android Devices

  • Tap New Text Message at the top of the conversations in the Text tab.
  • Enter the number(s) you would like to send the text message to.
  • You can also tap + to pull up the address book and select a contact or contacts from your existing address book instead of entering numbers manually
  • Enter the message and tap Send.

  • You can send a text message to any phone number that is a text-capable device in certain countries. Click here for the full list of countries where you can send text messages through XFINITY Connect and the XFINITY Connect app. 
  • Short codes are not supported.
  • There are character limitations to your messages (see Message Counter for more information).

Sending a Message to Multiple People

  • Enter multiple numbers in the To field to send a message to more than one person or phone number.
  • The messages will be sent separately to each recipient.

Sending Text Messages with a Picture or Multimedia File (MMS)

At this time, the option to send text messages with pictures or multimedia files is not available.

Replying to a Text

  • Select/tap the conversation you want to reply to.
  • Enter your text message at the bottom and tap Send when complete.

Message Counter

  • The character counter counts up as you type the message. There is no limit to the number of characters that can be typed.
  • Messages containing over 160 characters will be split into several messages (in multiples of 160).
  • In most cases, recipients with smart devices will not see this in multiple messages but older devices and services will receive this single message as multiples.

Abuse Detection

  • While this service provides unlimited outgoing text messaging, Comcast will monitor for excessive use and warn you when approaching abuse levels.
  • If excessive use is suspected, Comcast reserves the right to suspend the service while the cause of such excessive use is investigated.  While you can still receive messages, you will not be able to send messages until midnight (PST).

Locking Messages

  • You can lock messages to prevent them from being deleted automatically or manually.
  • You can lock any message from being deleted when you are editing messages within a conversation.
  • Tap on the Edit button in a conversation, select the messages you would like to lock and tap the Lock button.
    • Note: The Edit button is only available in the XFINITY Connect app.
  • If you decide you would like to unlock the message in the future, simply go back to the edit screen and you will see an unlock button.

Message History

Message history is limited to your most recent 5,000 unlocked messages. Older unlocked messages are automatically cleaned out. Locked messages will never be automatically removed.

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