Support XFINITY Voice Text Messaging Overview


Learn more about sending and receiving text messages using the XFINITY Connect app and XFINITY Connect.

Get Started with Text Messaging

  1. You must have XFINITY Voice residential service.
  2. You will need to have an eligible smartphone, device (iPad, tablet, etc.) or PC and be the primary account holder.
    • Secondary accounts can use Text Messaging, but must be assigned a personal phone number through Voice2go by the primary account holder.
    • Currently we are not able to support BlackBerry devices
  3. Text Messaging is available via XFINITY Connect app and XFINITY Connect service.
    • In order to use the XFINITY Connect app, you will need to download the app. For more information, see Bring XFINITY with You and select your device type.
  4. Once you've completed the download:
    • Go to the Messages section of the XFINITY Connect app and then go to the Text tab. Follow the onscreen instructions for activating the feature. (Or see Activate Voice2go for instructions.)
    • Text Messaging is included at no additional charge for all XFINITY Voice customers.

Access Text Messaging Features in XFINITY Connect

Activated users of Text Messaging can access the feature in three places:

  • The XFINITY Connect Home tab has a Text Messaging module (below the Calendar module) where you can send text messages and see your 10 most recent conversations.
  • The XFINITY Connect Text Messaging tab is your full-featured client for sending, receiving and managing your text message conversations.
  • The XFINITY Connect Address Book tab allows you to quickly send a text message to any contact who has a telephone number.

Top tips for Text Messaging

See Top Tips for Text Messaging for Text Messaging tips.

Delete a text message

  • You can delete individual messages by tapping the edit button on in a conversation. Once in Edit mode, select the messages and tap the delete button to delete them.
    • Note: Edit mode is only available in the XFINITY Connect app.
  • You can also delete an entire conversation, which removes all messages from that conversation except ones that are locked.
  • Users must unlock any messages that are locked before they can be deleted.
    • If a conversation has any locked messages in it, a small icon appears in the corner of the row for that conversation.
    • This icon also appears on the individual messages that are locked when the user is viewing that conversation.
    • If a user tries to delete a conversation with locked messages, the locked messages and conversation will remain while the unlocked messages within that conversation will be deleted.

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