Support XFINITY Voice About the LED Indicators on Your XFINITY Voice Modem


The lights on your XFINITY Voice modem mean something. Find out what.

A XFINITY Voice modem is a device that combines your cable modem and analog telephone adapter. Download a diagram of the modem. The lights on the box indicate different functions. 

Below are descriptions of these lights.

Telephone 1 or Telephone 2

Battery 1 or Battery 2

  • If your XFINITY Voice modem is equipped with 2 battery slots, only 1 battery is needed in order to receive up to 8 hours of backup power.
  • 1 of the battery lights should be solid if the battery is good and connected properly. Your connection should not be affected by the status of the battery lights as long as you have power to the modem*.
  • If the battery light is off and you have a backup battery inserted into the modem, make sure the battery is securely connected to the modem.  If you do not have a backup battery installed, this light will remain off.
  • If the light is flashing, your battery is depleted and may not provide backup power in the event of an outage.

A backup battery can be installed in your XFINITY Voice modem to provide additional hours of service during a power outage. If your battery is missing or depleted and you would like to purchase a new one, visit Purchase a Battery for Your XFINITY Voice Phone Modem for more information on purchasing a battery. (Backup batteries are not available for purchase from Comcast by Unlimited Select customers or Local Select customers.)

XFINITY Voice Service Interruption

*If XFINITY Voice service is interrupted as a result of downed cables connecting to your home or cuts to other portions of our network (as can happen in cases of severe storms), the service will not function until those facilities are restored. Depending on the specific facilities impacted, traditional phone providers may be affected.

Unlimited Select and Local Select Customers (Virginia and West Virginia only): Service (including 911/emergency services) will not function during a power outage. A power outage will interrupt communication to and from non-voice communications equipment, including, but not limited to, alarm and security systems or devices, home detection devices and fax machines connected to Unlimited Select or Local Select.

Recycle Your Used Battery

For detailed instructions on how to recycle your used battery please see Recycle Your Used Battery.

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