Support XFINITY Apps Top Tips for Using the XFINITY TV Remote App


Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your XFINITY TV Remote app.

Get Started

If the set-top box you are trying to use doesn't appear in the list on your device:

  1. Make sure the set-top box is compatible with the app.
  2. Make sure the set-top box is turned on, and you have an active Internet connection. You'll need to be signed in to your Comcast account to sync up your set-top box with the device.
    • Note: If your set-top box isn't on the list of compatible devices, it won't appear as an option in your XFINITY TV Remote app set-up. However, you can still use the app to search for regular television programming and XFINITY On Demand content. Future versions of the application will include the option to use the select and schedule options with even more set-top boxes.
  3. Make sure you have signed into the application with your email address or XFINITY username and password to sync up your set-top box with the device.

Change Channels

  1. Choose the set-top box you want to watch from on your mobile device.
  2. Search the TV Listings to select the channel or program you want to watch. (Select Watch on TV or Watch Channel.)
  3. Select Watch ON to view an XFINITY On Demand program. Note: You will need to use your Comcast remote to confirm the purchase of an XFINITY On Demand movie.
  4. If the program is protected by your Parental Control settings, you will need to use your Comcast remote to enter the four-digit PIN you have established.
  5. If you're currently recording a program or watching XFINITY On Demand on your set-top box, you'll need to exit to live programming before you can change the channel with your device.

Schedule a Recording

If you have a Comcast DVR, you can schedule a recording using the XFINITY TV Remote app.

If you have trouble with activating DVR Manager, follow these quick steps:

  1. From the TV Listings, select the program you want to record.
  2. Select the Record button, and you will be prompted to record the program or record the series.
Note: You cannot record XFINITY On Demand programs.

Changing Your Channel Lineup

The XFINITY TV Remote app automatically chooses the correct channel lineup for controlling your TV. If you want to add a different location for viewing TV Listings, select Settings, then Channel Lineup. You can select a different channel lineup to view.
Channel Lineup screen displays.

Add Location screen displays.

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