Support XFINITY Apps Fix Video Quality and Audio Issues from the XFINITY TV Go App


Get help for video quality and audio issues with the XFINITY TV Go app.

Experiencing Video Quality Problems

Poor video quality may indicate a weak WiFi signal. Make sure you're in an area of good coverage to have the best signal to stream.

Experiencing Audio Problems

If you are experiencing audio problems:

  • Make sure you don't have the volume on your device turned off
  • Make sure that your headphones aren’t clicked to block the audio signal

For Apple devices:
  • Confirm your operating system. You must have Apple iOS version 7 or higher loaded on your device
  • The slider button on the top right of your device acts as a mute button. Slide the button to release the mute.

If you are still having trouble with the XFINITY TV Go app, please check the XFINITY TV Go App: Frequently Asked Questions.

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