Support XFINITY Apps Use DVR Manager in the XFINITY TV Remote App


Never miss a favorite show again. With our XFINITY TV Remote app, you can program multiple DVRs in advance with your smartphone or other mobile device.

Recording Using DVR Manager

  1. From the main screen, select TV Listing.
  2. Move through the grid of available programs.
  3. Select the program you want to record.
  4. You’ll be given the option to record the program on your DVR.

Setting up DVR Manager for More Than One DVR Using the XFINITY TV Remote app

  1. Follow the first three steps listed above. A record button will become visible.
  2. Select the record button to bring up a recording options screen.
  3. Your recording will be scheduled to the default DVR, or choose another DVR from the drop-down list button in the upper-left corner of the app (for tablets) or in the settings menu (on a smartphone). The default DVR selection can be found under TV Settings.

Benefits of the XFINITY TV Remote app

Check out the following table to see what you can do with DVR Manager either online or with the XFINITY TV Remote app.

Features Online
XFINITY TV Remote app
(Apple users: iOS v4.3 or later; Android users: v2.2 or later)
View DVR scheduled recordings Yes Yes
Record a new one-time program Yes Yes
Record a new series Yes Yes
Cancel a scheduled recording Yes Yes
Cancel a series recording Yes Yes
Manage series recordings Yes Yes
Edit scheduled recordings Yes Yes
View list of completed recordings Yes Yes
View percentage full of DVR Yes Yes
Tune to recording on TV from app Yes Yes
Delete recording Yes Yes
Manage save setting for recordings Yes Yes

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