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How do I navigate in the XFINITY Connect app for iPad and find my emails, voicemails and text messages?
  • The XFINITY Connect app iPad app now includes a navigation pane that appears as a left navigation bar in the app. You can switch between Email, Voicemail, Text Messages, Address Book and Settings from this pane.
  • To compose a new email or a new text message, tap on the appropriate Compose button on bottom left.
  • The Voice2go Dialer is also accessible from the bottom left pane.


What do the Email, Text and Voice tabs on the left navigation pane represent?
  • The Email tab displays the latest email messages only.  If you have more messages in your Inbox, you can download them by tapping on Load more messages.  This option only displays when you have more messages in your Inbox.
  • The Text tab displays the text messages sent and received (Conversations) on your XFINITY Voice number. Opening a Text Conversation displays all the messages.
  • The Voice tab (or Voicemail view) displays the latest voicemail messages.
  • The default number of messages that displays on each of these tabs is 25.  This setting can be changed from the Settings page.

How do I access the voicemails for my XFINITY Voice number in the app?
  1. Tap on the Voice tab on the left navigation panel to display the latest voicemails.
  2. By default, the Voice panel displays voicemails. You can also tap on the Voice folder and sort between different types of call logs and voicemails.

How do I listen to a voicemail and mark it heard/unheard?
  1. Identify the voicemail you want to hear in the Voice section.
  2. Tap on the voicemail.
  3. A Visual Voicemail panel opens on the right.
  4. The voicemail automatically starts playing.
  5. Tap Mark as Unheard to mark the voicemail as unheard.
How do I get notified of emails as they arrive?
Anytime a new email arrives (as a result of automatic or manual refresh) you will be notified with a distinct audio chime, provided that you have the New Email Chime settings set to ON for new email.

How do I mark emails as Spam?
There are three ways you can mark an email as Spam:
  1. Mark multiple emails as Spam in Email View: In the Email section, tap the Edit button at the top right-hand corner of the list pane to access Edit mode. Tap the emails you want to mark as Spam, or tap Select All.  Then tap the Spam button to move the emails to your Junk folder.
  2. Mark email as Spam from within the email:  While viewing the email on the right-most email view panel, tap the Spam icon to move the email to the Junk folder.
  3. Mark email as Spam from the Quick Menu: Tap and hold on an email header to bring up the Quick Menu. You can mark an email as Spam from this menu.
How do I access my POP/IMAP folder in the Folders list?
  • Tap the Folder button in Email list view (e.g.: Inbox for to open the Folders pop-over.
  • You can find all your folders in the Folders pop-over.
    • In this view, all the main and sub-folders are listed in a hierarchical manner with the sub-folders indented slightly towards the right starting with a solid arrow indicating a sub folder.

How do I retrieve emails for POP/IMAP folders (external folders) in the XFINITY Connect app?
As soon as you enter a POP/IMAP folder, the folder will start synchronizing itself and the following message will be displayed: XFINITY Connect will begin retrieving your external mail, which may take several minutes. Pull down to refresh to view the current progress.
Note: While refreshing the Email view, the POP/IMAP folders are not refreshed automatically. You will have to manually enter the folder to retrieve the emails.

XFINITY Address Book

How do I access my XFINITY Address Book in XFINITY Connect app for iPad?
You can access the XFINITY Address Book from the left navigation panel on the iPad app. Tap the Address Book icon to open the Address Book view to the right. Tap the tabs to access both your iPad and XFINITY contacts.

How do I create a new contact or edit an existing contact from my XFINITY Address Book?
  • Tap the + sign icon in the top right-hand corner of the XFINITY Address Book default view (list view) to access the screen to add a new contact entry.
  • You can also add a new contact to your phone address book by tapping on + while you are in the Phone tab.
  • To delete a contact, simply tap and hold the contact to bring up the menu options. Tap Delete from the menu options to delete the contact. Alternatively, you can delete a contact from the View Contact screen.

Are Favorites and Groups part of XFINITY Address Book?
Yes. XFINITY Connect app will show all your Favorites and Groups that you have on XFINITY Connect. You will see the same contacts as Favorites in XFINITY Connect online and in the app. Any changes you make to these will be reflected in both places.

How do I view and assign favorites from my Address Book?
Swipe to the right to access the Favorites and Groups screen. Tap the + button to add your contacts as Favorites or create a new Group.

XFINITY Voice Features (Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Logs etc.)

How do I sort my call logs (Voicemails, outgoing, missed, etc.) and sort between multiple phone lines?
  • Access the Voice tab from the Messages screen.
  • Tap the Folder button on top of the Voicemail list labeled "Voicemails for xxx-xxx-xxxx" (where xxx-xxx-xxxx is the phone number in question).
  • The Voice folder displays.  Here, you can sort between All, Missed, Voicemail, Answered, and Outgoing. You can also switch between multiple lines from this screen.

How do I view call details of a call log in the Voice tab?
  • Tapping any of the call logs will open up a Caller Info pop-up.
  • In the case of voicemails, a Visual Voicemail screen will open. Tap on the Caller Details option on the screen to open the Caller Details page.

How can I delete a Voicemail?
Voicemails can be deleted using the following methods:
  • Delete Multiple Voicemails from List View: While on the Voice tab, tap Edit to access Edit mode. A list of Voicemails appear with circles to the left of each, indicating they can be deleted.
  • Delete a Voicemail from the Voicemail Playback screen: From the Voicemail playback screen, tap the Delete button to delete the Voicemail immediately.
  • Tap and Hold: Tap and hold a Voicemail to bring up the Quick Menu options, including a delete option.


How can I make outgoing calls from XFINITY Connect app for iPad?
  • Make sure Voice2go is activated for your account and your ID is mapped to a XFINITY Voice number.
  • Sign into the XFINITY Connect app with your XFINITY username.
  • Tap the Call icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • When the Voice2go Dialer pop-up appears, dial the number you want to call.

How can I search for contacts or recent calls from the Voice2go Dialer?
On the dialer pop-up, type the name or number to dynamically display search results from recent calls and from your Address Book. You can also go to the Address Book and call a contact from there.

Can I be on a Voice2go call on the iPad app and check my emails at the same time?
Yes. Once your call is established using the dialer pop up, you can tap out of it and do anything you like (check email and Voicemails in the app). To get back to the call, simply tap on the glowing green icon and the dialer pop up will come back again.

What is the difference between the Recent Calls in the Voice2go dialer pop up and the Call Logs in the Voice section?
The Recent Calls section in the dialer pop-up represents all the local (device) call activity on your app. For example, all the calls you have made through the app (including last dialed), received and missed, will be represented on the Recent Call screen. You can delete these recent calls since these are local to the device. The call logs displayed in the Voice section are the system call logs that are used for billing and represent only the calls that were completed. They may also include calls made through your XFINITY Voice phone line at home.

How do I know call quality is good?
The Voice2go dialer pop-up always indicates a red or green bar to indicate whether the call quality will be good or bad. Sometimes a red indicator might also appear when your phone does not have Internet connectivity, or there is no connection with the Voice2go backend systems.

How does the app notify me when I get an incoming call?
  • The application will notify you with an incoming call notification along with a distinct ringtone.
  • If your application is running in the background or foreground, the notification may vary.
  • The incoming call notification will include information about the Caller (Caller ID). 
  • If you are inside the app, the incoming call notification pop up will appear where you can accept or reject the call.
  • You can dismiss the pop up by tapping on the pop up while still being on the call.

What happens when a Voice2go call comes in when a network carrier call is on?
If you happen to be on a carrier call and a Voice2go call comes in, it will automatically go to your Voicemail and a missed call indicator will appear on the notification bar.

Refer to our Voice2go FAQs

Platforms & Device Support

What iOS version is needed in order to run XFINITY Connect application?
The XFINITY Connect app for iOS works for device running iOS version 4.0 and above. The Voice2go feature is not supported for first and second generation iPod touch and iPhone 3G devices.

I am using a first generation iPod touch device and not getting any Voice2go incoming calls. What could be the reason?
  • Voice2go calls require the application to work in the background (iOS multi-tasking feature). Due to iOS software and hardware limitations, Voice2go features will not work on iPod Touch first and second generation devices and iPhone 3G.
  • In order to use Voice2go feature in XFINITY Connect app, it is recommended that users upgrade their iOS devices to a minimum of iPod Touch third generation and iPhone 3Gs and above.

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